ZID construction is an artist not a construction

When I first picked ZID, I thought it must be a high end expensive one. So among many other “more suitable” options, I asked the guy to come for a visit. To my surprise, after I talked to Bobby, the owner of the company, I realized not only their price is not higher, if not lower than the most other “more suitable” companies, he has extensive understanding and deep concern of my needs. Me and my husband fell in love with ZID right after the first meeting. Now, with the bathroom project completed, we feel so fortunate that we made the right choice among many other constructions guys now on market. By the way, his assistant, Jose, is one of the best I have even met in my entire life to do job so meticulously, so neat and so clean. They are not just construction workers, they are artists! They know what they are doing. They have their pace, so even watching every step they are doing is a joyful thing! During the entire time of the construction, they knocked down the entire wall and floor, etc. Yet, our life is barely affected at all. To me, that is close to a miracle. How they did it? 👍👍👍. After the bathroom is finished, I feel like my entire house can not match with its beauty, (yes, it looks like a princess bathroom) , so now I plan to let him renovate all of my other bathrooms !!!😂